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blog: birding with apps


When you walk out into your yard or into the park, can you point out a tufted titmouse or a Carolina chickadee, a red-winged blackbird or a dark-eyed junco? Get to know local birds with the help of custom-built guides and apps. Learn more here.

Public hard hat tours


See how the new Frick Environmental Center building is taking shape on the July 11th public hard hat tour. Space is limited and registration is required. Register here.

blog: human impacts on forest and park trees


Forests have fingerprints of Homo sapiens all over them. If you know how to look, a stroll through Frick Park’s shady paths can highlight just how human actions have molded one very visible part of the park forests: the trees. Read more here.

let's talk about parks: fireflies


Nothing in nature heralds the arrival of summer quite like the firefly. Learn more about these beautiful beetles in the latest Let's Talk About Parks feature.

Read more here.

spring hat luncheon photos


See all of the fabulous photos from the 17th Annual PNC Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Spring Hat Luncheon. See the photos here.

donors: read the latest newsletter


Supporters make parks grow. Read all about the latest news and projects in the parks in the donor newsletter. Find the newsletter here.

Let's Talk About Parks: Mosses


Did you know that one of the oldest and simplest plants on Earth are mosses, those fuzzy green patches that you see covering stones, old logs and damp ground in areas that are shaded and cool? Read about mosses in the parks here.

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy works to improve quality of life for the people of Pittsburgh by restoring the park system to excellence in partnership with government and the community. Projects and programs are conducted with respect for the environment, historic design, and the needs of our diverse region.

If you see a problem or are concerned about an issue in any of our city's parks, please contact the Mayor's 311 hotline.
Featured Project

Panther Hollow Watershed

This 300-acre, historic watershed includes parts of Squirrel Hill, Oakland and Schenley Park. Restoration of the watershed includes major green infrastructure elements to be installed in 2014. Read more.

Frick Environmental Center

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, has begun construction of the new Frick Environmental Center. Read more.

Mellon Square

Opened in 1955, Mellon Square was one of the first parks ever to be built atop a parking garage. After a $10 million renovation, this historic park has been reopened to the public. Read more.

Mellon Park

Mellon Park’s Walled Garden has been restored and replanted in memory of Ann Katharine Seamans. A public art component brings the night sky to earth with “stars” embedded in the lawn. Read more.

Cliffside Park

The Parks Conservancy is partnering with the City of Pittsburgh and Hill House Association to renovate Cliffside Park, featuring a scenic overlook and new playground in this community park. Read more.

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