At the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the Frick Environmental Center, every day is Earth Day!

In honor of international Earth Day, hundreds of Pittsburghers celebrate at the annual Earth Day in Frick Park, a free community celebration.

Earth Day in Frick Park 2017

April 21st & 22nd

Check back later for more event information about Earth Day in Frick Park!



This event is held in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh.

Past Earth Day Celebration Photos

  • Learning about owls
    Earth Day: Learning about owls
  • earth-day-gallery-02.jpg

    Earth Day: Volunteering

  • earth-day-gallery-03.jpg

    Earth Day: Community Campfire

  • earth-day-gallery-05.jpg

    Earth Day: Learning about turtles

  • earth-day-gallery-06.jpg

    Earth Day: Learning about eagle wingspan

  • earth-day-gallery-01.jpg

    Earth Day: Finding Snails

  • earth-day-gallery-08.jpg

    Earth Day: Frick Park Entrance

  • earth-day-gallery-09.jpg

    Earth Day

  • earth-day-gallery-10.jpg

    Earth Day: Eagle nest building

  • earth-day-gallery-11.jpg

    Earth Day Activities

  • Earth Day in Frick Park
    Earth Day
  • earth-day-gallery-14.jpg

    Earth Day: Reading The Lorax

  • earth-day-gallery-16.jpg

    Earth Day: Reading the Lorax

We strive to make our programs accessible to everyone. Inquire about disability accommodations for these events by contacting Patty Himes at 412-586-4576 ext 107 or Requests need to be made one week before events take place. 

*Gathering around a campfire makes for lifelong memories, but backyard fires can have a serious impact on air quality. We take every measure to minimize health and environmental impacts by burning a safe distance from homes and playgrounds, and by following Allegheny County Health Department standards and EPA recommendations for responsible fires. You can do your part by rethinking your backyard burn in favor of joining your neighbors to walk, bike, bus or carpool to our community campfire

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