Opening in fall 2016, the Frick Environmental Center will be a welcome facility, education hub, and a gateway to Frick Park

A cutting-edge building, the new Center will enhance visitor experience while acting as a "living laboratory." Learners of all ages will have access to hands-on environmental education in a center that will complement and restore the park's ecological and historical landscape.

The new Frick Environmental Center opens to the public on Saturday, September 10th. See the full schedule for this public event here. 

About the building

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, began construction of the new Center in August 2014. The building is engineered to meet the Living Building Challenge and achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification. The success of this is dependent on a staff that practices sustainable behaviors by limiting waste and using energy and water sensibly. Designed with input from more than 1,000 residents and stakeholders at a series of public meetings, the building will:

  • Use 40% less energy than a typical building of its size in the northeast
  • Power all electrical systems using power from solar panels
  • Filter and treat all wastewater before releasing it naturally on site
  • Be constructed using materials that are produced locally (whenever possible) and safe for both humans and the environment
  • Balance a spirit that promotes appreciation and protection of the environment and a public space that is functional and welcoming

The Parks Conservancy is restoring and will care for 115 acres of historical landscape and woodlands as part of the project, with plans to plant nearly 200 trees and more than 6,500 native plants in gardens, meadows, and surrounding woodlands. Educational programming continues during construction.

Read more about the Center here. 

Construction hours are Monday through Friday, 7am - 5pm. In order to complete construction as soon as possible crews may work additional hours, including evenings and weekends as needed. 

Read updates on this project

For media inquiries, please contact Scott Roller at sroller@pittsburghparks.orgFor details on the project, please see our Press Fact Sheet.

  • frick-environmental-center-gallery-01.jpg

    Render - North Side of building

  • frick-environmental-center-gallery-02.jpg

    Render - Living Room

  • fec-gallery-01.jpg

    Render - Environmental Center Offices

  • fec-gallery-02.jpg

    Render - Classroom

  • fec-gallery-03.jpg

    Render - Living Room

  • fec-gallery-04.jpg

    Render - Classroom

  • fec-gallery-05.jpg

    Render - Gallery

  • fec-gallery-06.jpg

    Render - Water Feature View from Amphitheater

  • fec-gallery-07.jpg

    Render - View from Gatehouses

  • fec-gallery-08.jpg

    Render - Building View

  • frick-environmental-center-gallery-04.jpg

    Construction - Trail view 2015

  • frick-environmental-center-gallery-03.jpg

    Construction - Water Storage Container

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