For Kids

Blue Slide Playground

If you are traveling down Beechwood Boulevard and see lines of children heading down the street with cardboard boxes in hand, you know they’re headed for the Blue Slide. The popular playground at Beechwood Boulevard and English Lane takes its name from the slide built into the rolling topography of the land, but there is much more to discover here. A castle-themed playground occupies the lower level of the playground, ascending to the Blue Slide, and then finally to a climbing structure where kids can see the downtown Pittsburgh skyline.

Forbes & Braddock Playground

The regional playground at the corner of Forbes and Braddock Avenues draws thousands of children each year to its “creek” and fish-filled “lagoon.” The playground is based on a nature theme and includes an imaginary stream and natural rock displays with native plantings. “Frick Creek” winds its way through the play structure and ends up at “Forbes Lagoon,” a wheelchair-accessible play zone with fish spring rockers. Three entrances to the playground feature imprints sandblasted into concrete in the shapes of white oak, sugar maple, and sycamore leaves.

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