Walking Trails


For an easy stroll through the park, try the Tranquil Trail. Start at the trailhead in Fern Hollow and enjoy a 1.2-mile wooded walk with a gentle slope. Finish at the restored Gatehouse at Reynolds Street.


For a more challenging walk, take the Falls Ravine trail. Start at the trailhead near the Open Air Shelter and walk all the way to Beechwood Boulevard. This ¾-mile jaunt is shady and uphill.


For a rigorous walk that’s nearly 2 miles, take the Lower Riverview Trail. Start at the junction where the Lower Riverview Trail meets with Falls Ravine Trail and Riverview Extension. Follow Lower Riverview Trail as it loops around to the west and take the right-hand fork onto Riverview Trail. Continue past Riverview Extension and stay on Riverview Trail until it meets the Fitness Circuit and continue to the Blue Slide Playground.

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