Walking Trails


For an easy stroll through the park, try the Reservoir Loop Walk, one of Highland Park’s most popular walks. This .76-mile loop circles around the historic Reservoir 1. Enter at the Entry Garden, Mount Bigelow or from the parking lot next to Evergreen Grove.


Just over one mile, this slightly difficult trek starts at the Entry Garden and follows Reservoir Drive to the right, leading to Evergreen Grove. Take a right down the hill onto Carnegie Trail and then a left on Lake Carnegie Walk and hike behind the lake. Continue to the west of the pool building, up the historic steps to connect with the Babbling Brook Trail. Hike up the trail, over the foot bridge and onto Reservoir Drive. Cross the road and walk up the steps to the right of the microfiltration plant. At the top of the steps, turn right onto the Reservoir Loop Walk. Walk a quarter of the way around the loop and hike down the historic steps to Reservoir Drive. Cross the road and head into Memorial Grove. Take the trail to the left and continue around until you reach the Stone Arch. Go through the Arch and head back to the Entry Garden.


For a longer, two-mile hike, start behind the bleachers at the Bike Track and take Elm Trail up the hill. Once at Elm Grove, follow the Stanton Avenue Walk until you reach Lake Carnegie. Cross over Lake Drive and follow Lake Carnegie Walk behind the lake. Walk to the west of the pool building and up the historic steps to connect with the Babbling Brook Trail.  Turn right and follow Reservoir Drive Walk and bear right onto Bigelow Trail for a view of the Allegheny River. Connect with the Reservoir Drive Walk and make a right into Memorial Grove. Take the Memorial Grove Trail to Bunker Hill Trail. After crossing Highland Avenue, continue along Reservoir Drive Walk and take the first right onto Farmhouse Road and a sharp left onto Connecting Road. Cross the road and take Connecting Road Trail to Stanton Avenue. Cross Stanton into Elm Grove and take Elm Trail back to the Bike Track.

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