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The Plan

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is carrying out a complete revitalizion of Mellon Square. The restoration began in 2009 when the Parks Conservancy engaged Heritage Landscapes to develop a comprehensive plan for the Square. This comprehensive plan structures the preservation, revitalization, interpretation and management into the future.

The Project

The restoration of Mellon Square fulfills recommendations of the 2009 plan. This project, completed in phases over several years, is bringing the Square back to its 1950s Modernist design. Specifically, the restoration plan will:

  • Cost $11 million, $4 million of which will be for permanent maintenance and management 
  • Create 15% of public space by adding a new terrace area overlooking Smithfield Street 
  • Refurbish the Square's signature bronze fountains back to their original design 
  • Reinstall dramatic nighttime lighting
  • Replant the Square according to the original design intent while using the best and most appropriate contemporary plant selections
  • Restore the signature terrazzo paving and Cascade Fountain

To protect the investment that has been made in restoring Mellon Square, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy has established a permanent maintenance and management fund. An operating agreement with the City of Pittsburgh gives the Parks Conservancy a significant role in the stewardship and operation of the space. With this commitment, the beauty of a treasured landscape will be enjoyed by Pittsburghers for years to come.

The Parks Conservancy is in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Parking Authority, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, and the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation to address the needs of both the park and its users and keep Mellon Square vibrant for years to come.


what's happening

With spring comes new beginnings. Mark your calendar for the rededication of Mellon Square on May 28th! Check back for event details in May.


Photos courtesy the Library and Archives Division, Sen. John Heinz History Center

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