The PNC Carousel carries on an historic tradition of carousels in Pittsburgh parks

The original Schenley Park Carousel was opened to the public at the corner of Panther Hollow and Greenfield roads in 1913. Both today's carousel and the original showcased a menagerie of animals that symbolize the fellowship and diversity of Pittsburgh.

Erected in 2006, this Victorian-style carousel was built by American craftsmen and generously funded by the PNC Financial Services Group. The PNC Carousel is Schenley Plaza’s feature family attraction. Visitors of all ages and abilities can enjoy its lively colors and old-fashioned pipe organ music.

See you in 2017!

Thanks for a great 2016 season! Check back soon for information about our 2017 season. 

Family Passes

You and your family can ride the carousel without tokens all season with a Family Season Pass. Stay tuned our 2017 Season Pass, valid for two adults and up to four children.

Riding the carousel

  • Tokens for rides on the carousel can be purchased at the token machine located by the carousel for $2. Family Season Passes are available for $60.
  • The carousel is intended for our younger park users. We ask that riders over 18 use one of the many stationary animals. 
  • Riders must be taller than 4 feet or accompanied by an adult.
  • The carousel is wheelchair accessible; an operator is available for assistance.


  • pnc-gallery-gallery-01.jpg

    Sea Horse: Hippicamp | Seal: R Merry Seal

  • pnc-gallery-gallery-02.jpg

    Pig: Henrietta | Rabbit: Rrraaa-bit’

  • pnc-gallery-gallery-03.jpg

    Panther: Pitt the Panther

  • pnc-gallery-gallery-04.jpg

    Giraffe: Troy Polamalu | Ostrich: Oscar

  • pnc-gallery-gallery-05.jpg

    Sea Dragon: Puff

  • pnc-gallery-gallery-06.jpg

    Elephant: Nancy | Camel: Harry Skettle

PNC Carousel Sponsored Animals

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the following individuals and organizations, every animal on the PNC Carousel has been adopted. The money will go to keeping Schenley Plaza beautiful and safe for the families of Pittsburgh.

Eagle: “Freedom”

Adopted by Anna and Ed Dunlap and Family

Horse: “Krissy’s Lily”

Adopted by Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rohr

Dolphin: “Sea Diver”

Adopted by George and Jane Greer

Sea Dragon: “Puff”

Adopted by The Charity Randall Foundation

Giraffe: “Troy Polamalu”

Adopted by Audrey and Tim Fisher in honor of their children and grandchildren

Rabbit: “Rrraaa-bit’!”

Adopted by John and Catharine Ryan and their dogs, Darby and Seamus

Chariot: “Accessible Chariot”

Adopted by FISA Foundation

Spinning Tub: “Malena’s Marvelous Planetary Teacup”

Adopted by the Rhoades family

Camel: “Harry Skettle”

Adopted by Laura Rose and Alex

Pig: “Henrietta”

Adopted by Elsie Hillman

Triceratops: “Topper”

Adopted by Marjorie Burns Haller

Seal: “R Merry Seal”

Adopted by Gookin Family Foundation

Panther: “Pitt the Panther”

Adopted by Henry and Linda Haller

Tiger: “Toofus”

Adopted by DSF Charitable Foundation: David and Sara Scaife and their son David

Sea Horse: “Hippicamp”

Adopted by the Syngnathid family

Elephant: “Nancy”

Adopted by Alex and Tonja Condron in memory of their mother

Ostrich: “Oscar”

Adopted by Babcock Charitable Trust