For Kids

Bartlett Playground

Striking orange castle tops lead visitors to the Bartlett Playground, where a playground and popular shelter provide a fun entrance to the park's trail system. A nearby meadow blooms with daisies and other native wildflowers in the spring, while over 10,000 daffodils line the sidewalk.

Anderson Playground

The medieval castle-like play environment includes ladders, turrets, and slides surrounded by a landscaped moat of uneven timber rounds, evergreens, and perennials. Brontosaurus paw prints cast from the fossil collection of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History help lead children from one play area to the next. After you're done swinging and sliding, take the newly repaired steps down to Panther Hollow Lake for a walk through the woods.

Camp David Lawrence

This play area is named for former Pittsburgh mayor David Lawrence. It is located on Overlook Drive down the hill from the ice rink and disc golf course.

Vietnam Veterans Pavilion Playground

One of the park system’s most popular picnic shelters, the Vietnam Veterans Pavilion also features a playground and horseshoe court.

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