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Panther Hollow Watershed

Walking Trails


For a pleasant and easy stroll, take a short garden features loop beginning at the Schenley Park Café and Visitor Center.  Cross Schenley Drive toward Phipps. Pass the outdoor garden, cross Frank Curto Drive and walk up Flagstaff Hill.  Loop back to the Visitor Center and cross Schenley Drive again for an optional trip to Westinghouse Pond.


A popular intermediate run or walk is a woodland walk/run.  From behind the Schenley Park Café and Visitor Center, pick up the Upper Panther Hollow trail until it loops over Bartlett Street and connects with the Bridle Trail.  Follow the Bridle Trail beneath the meadow, crossing over the Boulevard of the Allies and back to Panther Hollow Bridge.


For a rigorous workout, explore Schenley’s forest interior. Get started behind the Schenley Park Café and Visitor Center by taking the Lower Panther Hollow Trail and returning on the Steve Faloon Trail via Westinghouse Pond.

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