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Enhance your time in the park by reserving one of our themed backpacks. Choose between four different backpacks, each with their own unique materials and resources to help experience the park in a new way. Keeping safety in mind, our staff have worked to create a contact-less procedure for backpack borrowing.

Funding for the Educational Backpacks at the Frick Environmental Center was provided by the Katherine Bassara Memorial Fund and the Howard and Carol Lang Family Foundation Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation.


Search for insects, spiders, and butterflies, and read a book about meadow creatures!

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Use a tree guide, identify bird calls with the "Bird Identiflyer" and search for insects!

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Use a sieve and an aqua viewer to find out what's living in the streams and ponds of your local park!

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Try out a pair of hiking poles, relax in a hammock, and measure your workout with a FitBit! 

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How Does It Work?
  1. Decide which backpack you would like to reserve.
  2. Fill Out a Reservation Form
    • It costs $10 to reserve a backpack. Reservations must be submitted by the Friday before the reservation date at 3pm and can only be reserved the week prior to being borrowed.  
  3. Pick up the backpack.
    • The backpacks are located within the open-air gatehouse located at the front of the Frick Environmental Center.
    • You will receive a confirmation email stating the specific backpack number and the combination to the padlock on the gate.
    • Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer are located at the pick up area.
  4. Use the Backpack to enhance your park visit.
    • Enjoy exploring the park with the tools in your backpack!
  5. Return the Backpack.
    • Place the backpack in the area marked "BACKPACK RETURN" in the open-air gatehouse located at the front of the Frick Environmental Center.
    • Backpacks must be back in the open air-gatehouse by 5pm on Sunday