To the Pittsburgh Community

May 26, 2010 by Meg Cheever

To the Pittsburgh Community:

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy would like to address public opinion about an outdoor learning space concept proposed for Frick Park. The concept is part of a larger effort to construct a new Environmental Center in Frick Park with supporting outdoor learning spaces throughout the park.

Although none of these spaces has even a preliminary design, the idea is that they would be subtle, blend into the environment, and provide places to learn about nature in a playful setting.

A public meeting is scheduled for June 7 in Regent Square to provide a forum for learning and feedback.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about the concept largely because no formal presentation has been made either to the community, or to the city, or to Councilman Shields. Though the Parks Conservancy is pleased that so many people are passionate about Frick Park, we have seen a significant amount of positive and negative feedback prior to the public meeting. We would respectfully ask the community to remain open-minded until our concept can be presented for public input.

The Parks Conservancy has been the beneficiary of long term support from many on city council including Councilman Doug Shields. Together we are committed to listening to the community and respecting their concerns. Community input is critical to the success of every park improvement and we always strive to balance respect for the design of the park with the needs of current park users and with best environmental practices. All projects also undergo the public approval processes set out by city government.

This proposed concept will be discussed at the Regent Square Civic Association meeting on June 7th at 6pm at the Wilkins School Community Center (7604 Charleston Avenue). A presentation by the Parks Conservancy will be followed by ample opportunity for public comment. All are welcome to attend and participate.

Frick Park