[Presentation]: Responding to Threats in Pittsburgh's Urban Forest

February 28, 2011 by Parks Conservancy Staff

David Jahn"This may be one of those bellwether times in our society and in our region, where what we plan to do now will greatly impact not just us but our children and our children's children. We're going to look back someday and say did we do the right thing or did we not do enough?"

City Forester David Jahn is responsible for looking after Pittsburgh's tree population, and for mobilizing a response to things that threaten it. He's constantly on the lookout for things such as potential landslide conditions or dying trees that may pose a hazard to their surroundings. As he points out in his presentation from "Preserving Pittsburgh's Trees: Action and Recovery," he needs the eyes of the community to make sure all issues with trees are addressed. If you see a tree that looks like it may pose a hazard, or that exhibits symptoms of one of the diseases or pests we've been discussing, calling 311 will alert David and his team to look into the situation.

Watch David's presentation below, or download the slides here.


Trees and Forestry, Parks Management