[Presentation]: TreeVitalize Pittsburgh

March 1, 2011 by Parks Conservancy Staff

Lisa CeoffeToday we're posting the last of our six presentations from "Preserving Pittsburgh's Trees: Action and Recovery." We're very much aware that the picture painted by the previous speakers is grim, but we've felt it's crucial to make the public aware of the problems so that we can try to address them before it's too late. As we put the finishing touches on the Tree Action Plan, we'll be able to give you more actionable items for how YOU can help save trees, including lists of currently-unthreatened native species to plant on your own property.

And speaking of planting, now's the perfect time to introduce you to Lisa Ceoffe, the City of Pittsburgh's urban forester and coordinator of the TreeVitalize program. She tells the other side of the story, the side where volunteers from across the city mobilize to plant trees in their neighborhoods and then to take care of them. And she offers many suggestions for how you can bring all the advantages of the TreeVitalize program to your own community.

Watch her presentation below, or download the slides here.


Trees and Forestry, Parks Management, Volunteering