Leading and Learning with the Young Naturalists

November 17, 2014 by Parks Conservancy Staff

We could tell stories for days about the incredible crew of high school students -- our first batch of Young Naturalists -- that we worked with this year.

Such as when they surveyed salamanders, mastered tree identification, or worked as a team to raise a trail out of the mud.

Or when the Young Naturalists led a gaggle of under-ten-year-olds on an educational nature hike through Frick Park, becoming instant role models.

Or when one of the naturalists said she has started looking for colleges that excel in environmental studies rather than fashion.

Instead, we'll let them tell their own stories. Already stand-outs from our High School Urban EcoStewards program, Allana, Michael, Kate, Michael, and Geneva pioneered and excelled in our five-week Young Naturalist program. Below are their stories:

These young adults, and Parks Conservancy staff who worked with them along the way, will be presenting to hundreds of learners young and old at next week's Learning Pathways Summit. Come and check them out!

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