A Treasure In The Historic Hill District: August Wilson Park Now Open

July 29, 2016 by A Parks Pal

It’s a place on a cliff with breathtaking views of Pittsburgh landmarks – the Allegheny River, the Strip District, the 16th Street Bridge and the old Heinz plant.

It’s a place that inspires its neighbors to dream, to share their aspirations and to work towards its restoration.

Neighbors and park staff discuss the future of August Wilson Park.

It’s a place to encourage children to fly, to hear city sounds, to watch hawks soaring overhead. It’s a place to see and experience Pittsburgh’s unique topography.

It’s a place that people in far-flung places – like New York, Paris and Melbourne - appreciate.

AW-blog-3-052016-edited-073598-edited.jpgIt’s a place where volunteers – community youth, college kids, bankers, professors and international visitors – put their hands to its revitalization.

It’s a place with deep roots in Pittsburgh immigrant past. It's a place in the heart of the city, where old roads and long gone houses form an invisible foundation.

It’s a place with a brand new name. 

Cliffside Park officially becomes August Wilson Park

It’s a place around the corner from a Pulitzer Prize winner’s boyhood home. It’s a place with new trees, furniture and an accessible entrance. It’s a place full of art, where more art will land.

It’s a place in the coolest, greenest, sexiest, warmest, friendliest part of town. It’s in a place we lovingly refer to as the “village in the woods.”

What is this place? Where is this place?

The renovated and reimagined August Wilson Park

It’s the new August Wilson Park! Located at the intersection of Cassatt and Cliff Streets in the Hill District, August Wilson Park opens on August 6th after years of planning, fundraising and challenging obstacles.

August Wilson Park is a tribute to Hill District residents and their unshakeable belief that a rejuvenated park could rise on the site of a care worn play area. It's a story of the love, patience and commitment of the immediate neighbors – stewards all.

August Wilson Park is a testament to the funding community’s willingness to support a project over the long haul and a celebration of a true partnership between the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the Hill House Association.

A wall in the park with a plaque quoting August WilsonAugust Wilson Park is one of many treasures in the Historic Hill District, a place that grabs your heart and invites you back again and again.

Terri Baltimore is Director of Neighborhood Engagement at Hill House Association and a long-time champion of August Wilson Park.

Join us in celebrating the opening of this incredible neighborhood park! Come out to August Wilson Park on Saturday, August 6th for the community celebration. Information and registration here. 



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