Project Update: Allegheny Commons Park Northeast Fountain

March 29, 2018 by Pittsburgh Parks

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Commons Initiative, and Northside Leadership Conference, is thrilled to have started the rebuilding of the historic Allegheny Commons Northeast Fountain in April 2018.

This Northeast Fountain project will bring new energy to Pittsburgh’s oldest park. The new fountain will mirror its original 19th century design and will include a 50-foot circular stone basin, a one-foot rim of heavy cut stone, a large Grecian vase in the center, tall central jet and 16 smaller jets. A fountain border garden, walkway, benches, lighting, signs and other amenities will also be included. Read the in-depth project summary here.

The Northeast Fountain project, designed by Pashek+MTR, will be under construction from spring through early spring 2019.

Project Updates


Before the winter cold, coping was installed at the site, The urn arrived but will be installed when the weather breaks in the spring. The site has been winterized and final construction will resume in the spring. We look forward to a grand reopening in spring 2019!


Construction of the Allegheny Commons Fountain has moved along smoothly this summer and fall, however, the project hit a small snag this month. The newly poured concrete in the fountain basin has cracked due to a malfunctioning waterstop. Waterstops are an important feature that prevent fountains from leaking. Immediately upon discovering this crack, the Parks Conservancy, project contractor and project designer began working on a solution. Removal of the cracked concrete is underway and the basin is scheduled to be re-poured on November 20 and 21. The cost of this fix will be completely covered by the contractor. The project is still on schedule for substantial completion this fall, with final completion in the spring and the grand re-opening of the fountain in the spring 2019.


Electrical and plumbing lines have been installed and four sections of fountain floor have been poured. The water supply line is installed. Work continues on path grading.


Foundation for the Fountain Urn has been completed. Grading has begun for pathways, and foundations have been poured for light poles.

August Project updates

The stormwater infiltration bed was completed and plumbing lines to the basin were installed. Foundation for the Fountain Urn has been formed. Underground electric conduit has been installed for the fountain and pathway lighting.


Backfilling and grading of fountain site has been completed, and drain lines have been installed. Initial excavation for the stormwater infiltration bed is complete. Sanitary and storm sewer plumbing lines have been installed.


Crews this month will be setting the fountain vault. Over-excavation of the fountain area is underway and, once complete, crews will backfill and grade. Project partners were thrilled to uncover pieces of the original granite fountain pedestal during excavation this month.

May Project Updates

Protective fencing has been secured around all trees growing near the project site. Park visitors should expect to see construction vehicles on-site as excavation of the fountain area begins this month.

Want to learn more about our work in Allegheny Commons? Click here for more information about the Allegheny Commons Master Action Plan.

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