Action Alert: Speak Up For Green Infrastructure, Support The Green First Plan

January 26, 2017 by Lauryn Stalter

Right now, your two cents could shape the future of Pittsburgh. 

The City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) have proposed a new initiative called the City-Wide Green First Plan. Aimed at combating stormwater issues in Pittsburgh, the Green First Plan outlines innovative, cost-effective, and green infrastructure approaches for our city.

An example of green infrastructure, the new meadow at bartlett street in Schenley Park. Photo: Jeremy MarshallBy choosing green solutions like rain gardens, meadows, and tree plantings over grey solutions like sewer expansions, our parks and neighborhoods grow. Green infrastructure provides stormwater management as well as aesthetically pleasing community greenspaces and healthy, beautiful wildlife habitat.  A green city draws top talent, spurs economic development, and brings health benefits to all.

Right now, you can speak up for Pittsburgh’s green future. From now until January 31st, you can show your support for the City-Wide Green First Plan. 

Follow the link below to submit your comments and support an initiative that will benefit Pittsburgh's parks, communities, and residents.


Another example of green infrastructure, retention grading at the Bob O'Connor Golf Course. Photo: Jeremy Marshall

Stormwater and Green Infrastructure