Free Energy Efficiency Fair Helps You To Save Costs, Lessen Your Impact

February 25, 2019 by Alex Johnson

UPDATE: Energy Efficiency Fair has been moved to Sunday, March 10 from 2 - 5PM.

How did your home fare during this year’s cold weather? If you were a homeowner who struggled to keep warm during the Polar Vortex, or the energy waste in your home weighs heavily on your conscience, you're invited to the upcoming Energy Efficiency Fair at the Frick Environmental Center.

While sustainable building design is gaining ground, our older homes often aren’t quite up to snuff in terms of their efficiency or sustainability. Many Pittsburgh homes suffer from drafts, cracks, and outdated designs that allow heat to escape. Heating drafty homes takes more energy, which requires burning of more fuels and increases our carbon footprint. What can we do to incorporate sustainable building and energy efficiency technology like those used at the Frick Environmental Center into our homes and reduce our energy consumption?

At the Energy Efficiency Fair, you can:

  • Learn about energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Talk with experts who can answer homeowner questions.
  • See equipment and materials used in home efficiency improvements.
  • Be quizzed on your building science knowledge!

This event is held in partnership with Conservation Consultants, Inc. The fair is kid-friendly and participants can enter a raffle to win a free energy audit ($375 value).

By improving your home’s efficiency, you’ll not only be improving your living space, but also helping to reduce our overall impact on the planet. Do your part while also increasing the comfort of your home, and learn more at the Energy Efficiency Fair!

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