Give This Unique Gift By October 25th, Be A Part Of A Public Art Installation By The Holidays

October 12, 2018 by Pittsburgh Parks

Through every season, you can find a kaleidoscope of colorful butterflies at the Frick Environmental Center. 

These butterfly images, sealed in a crystal-clear bubble and customized with text according to the person who purchased them, are a permanent art installation on display at the Center. Not only do they support our work in your parks, they're a unique (and colorful!) way for park pals to become a lasting part of the Center.

Right now, we're offering a special, time-sensitive opportunity; make a butterfly gift by October 25th and your butterfly will be installed by the holiday season! Click here to get started.

Image of Audrey and her butterfly

Butterfly Story: Eileen and John Olmsted

Our family discovered a unique gift for our grandkids that also helps our parks. We purchased two “butterflies” at the Frick Environmental Center. 

Image of Cosimo and AdrianoThe first honored Audrey and Dylan, our grandchildren who live here in Pittsburgh. The second honored Adriano and Cosimo, our grandchildren who live in New York City. Audrey, Adriano, and Cosimo all have attended summer camps at the Environmental Center and had wonderful experiences. They were all delighted to see their names on the butterflies. 

We decided to purchase the first butterfly because we believe strongly in protecting and improving the environment. We purchased the second because we love what the Center is doing, wanted to support it further, and wanted all our grandchildren to be equally recognized.

Butterflies make meaningful and unique gifts. We know that our family loves theirs.

Click here to learn more about Frick Environmental Center butterflies. Please note that extended payment plans are available!

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