Make A Trip To See The Renewed Westinghouse Memorial

September 30, 2016 by Lauryn Stalter

Since its dedication in 1930, the Westinghouse Memorial has been an exceptional feature of Schenley Park. 

Dedicated to the esteemed innovator and industrialist George Westinghouse, this memorial is a treasure that, after years of inattention, had become a diamond in the rough. 

The renewed Westinghouse Memorial. Photo: Jeremy Marshall

From the ceremonial groundbreaking in August 2015 through summer 2016, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy has collaborated with the City of Pittsburgh to renew this remarkable memorial sculpture and nearby lily pond; plant an abundance of native plants; add striking nighttime lighting; and implement much-needed stormwater management features.

The memorial, originally financed by small donations from over 55,000 Westinghouse employees, encompasses history, art, and natural beauty.

The monument itself depicts George Westinghouse between a mechanic and engineer on the central panel, his many achievements on the surrounding panels. Architects Henry Hornbostel and Eric Fisher Wood designed the monument and surrounding landscape. They chose sculptor Daniel Chester French (of Abraham Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial fame) to design the sculptures, including the bronze “The Spirit of American Youth,” the figure of a young man taking inspiration from the life of Westinghouse.

A newly redefined trail takes visitors behin the Westinghouse Memorial. Photo: Jeremy Marshall

Come see for yourself the major renewal of the Westinghouse Memorial! Join us on October 6th (George Westinghouse's birthday!) for the grand reopening and cake-cutting, or make a trip any time to see this impressive park monument. Click here for directions to the Westinghouse Memorial. 

New lighting at the memorial makes it a go-to evening destination. Photo: Jeremy Marshall


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