New Mellon Park Urns Replicated From Historic Black-And-White Photos

May 11, 2017 by Lauryn Stalter

Visitors to Mellon Park's exquisite Walled Garden will now be greeted by four grand urns that harken back to the original design of the garden.

Newly installed, these hefty urns (800 pounds each!) were carefully crafted by Reneski Replications of Etna. The inspiration? A classic black-and-white photo taken in Mellon Park.

An image of the original Mellon Park urns

An image of the original Mellon Park urnsArtist Brian Reneski created molds for the new urns based simply on these vintage photos. The return of these elegant urns is a piece of a larger Walled Garden restoration, including such projects as the fiber optic "stars" installed in the lawn of the garden that honors the life of Ann Katharine Seamans. Other projects have included renewed garden plantings, repaired infrastructure, and added seating. 

Stop by the Walled Garden soon to see these impressive new additions to this timeless garden space.The new Mellon Park Walled Garden urns

The new Mellon Park Walled Garden urns. Photo: Natalie Plecity


This project is part of a years-long restoration of this unique garden space. This restoration honors the memory of Ann Katharine Seamans, who visited the Mellon Park Walled Garden often during her life.

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