You Showed Overwhelming Support For Pittsburgh's Oldest Park

April 13, 2017 by Lauryn Stalter

When we put out a call to action for Pittsburgh's oldest park, we couldn't have known the response that we would receive.

In just two weeks' time, 854 letters flooded in from park pals and regional organizations in support of Allegheny Commons. Your letters play a big role in our efforts to fund this important project. THANK YOU for this outstanding response.

Below are just a few of the many heartfelt sentiments that were shared. And while they were written for the Commons specifically, we hope that whichever park you love, you can relate!

"We moved to Pittsburgh from Seattle, Washington. We at first had a difficult time adjusting but once we found the central Northside and Allegheny Commons Park we really felt at home."

 AC fountain 2-626342-edited.jpg
"The improvements to our parks benefit *everyone*. You do not need to be able to afford tickets or get there only during business hours -- everyone is able to enjoy the beauty of the new and restored built spaces within gorgeous natural settings. Parks are public gathering spaces shared by all. They are great free gyms, picnic areas, play spaces for children, and refuges that provide peace and solace in an often difficult and challenging world. Investing in these democratic spaces is an investment in the belief that we are all worthy to share in beautiful spaces."


"I love this park so much! There is so much to appreciate - the gigantic old trees, the pond and bridges, the lovely shade, and the old statues. Some of those trees must be 200 or more years old from the look of them. Walking along the paths with the beautiful historic buildings on North Ave feels like going back in time."

Lake Elizabeth in Allegheny Commons Park

"As Pittsburgh grows beyond it's industrial reputation, this park serves as a reminder that this city has always taken care to provide vibrant public spaces."

"Allegheny Commons has seen many phases of Pittsburgh, many phases of the Northside, yet has remained a green space accessed, enjoyed and loved by the residents and organizations which surround it."

"Allegheny Commons Park is where we taught our daughter to ride a bike (I can still see her speeding away on her own for the first time, under those stately trees). The park is where we hunt for fairies, build snowmen, play in fall leaves, picnic, read new library books when we can't wait for the short walk home. These things matter. And the joy of a public park, rather than a private yard, is that you share it with everyone. It's a place where we meet people we might not otherwise get to know, a place where the community connects, unwinds, and celebrates together."

Lake Elizabeth, 1910

"Allegheny Commons Park is part of Pittsburgh's history."

"Our parks are among our city's MOST valuable assets. They are places of beauty and community. There are hundreds of reasons to support our parks... parks are convenient places for community residents to go for exercise and activity that will help prevent or treat many chronic medical conditions that people suffer from."

"The park really ties the whole neighborhood together and provides a positive, shady, public, and educational space for everyone, regardless of income."

"What makes Pittsburgh unlike any other city is its respect for preserving the past, while constantly moving forward."

A photo of the historic Allegheny Commons Northeast Fountain in front of its original site

"As young children our parents frequently took us for walks in this park and as we grew up and were able to go on our own we rode our bikes around the circle where the fountain had been located many many years before."

"Watching trains go by, grabbing a snowcone, seeing ducks and birds in the lake. All fond memories that helped shape my appreciation for nature..."

"I have a young daughter that I love to take to different parks, museums, and all the other great facilities around town. My hope is that by allowing initiatives like this, someday she will be able to bring her children to the same places for them to enjoy as well."

Allegheny Commons. Photo by Steven Adams

Thanks to all who showed their support for Pittsburgh oldest park!