Parks Are Where We Can Heal

October 30, 2018 by Jayne Miller


A view of Downtown Pittsburgh from Emerald View Park.

I returned to Pittsburgh late Saturday night after spending 18 days outside of the U.S. speaking about parks and the incredibly positive impact that they have on individuals and communities. Upon my arrival to the U.S., I was heartbroken to learn of the horrific tragedy and loss of life at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

In trying to reconcile the stark reality of what just happened in our community with the inspiring work that I have been involved in, I'm reminded now more than ever of the importance of our shared outdoor spaces. Parks are where we gather, contemplate, and play. Along tree-lined trails, we can embrace our emotions. On quiet park benches, we can open up to friends and loves ones.

During such a painful time for our city, and our country, we invite you to parks to process, to grieve, to share memories, to be with loved ones, and to heal. Nature has the power to restore. We welcome you to visit to find the strength and love that are so needed right now.

Jayne Miller
Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy President & CEO