These Photos Of Goats In The Park Are Exactly What You Need This Week

October 23, 2018 by Lauryn Stalter

After what was possibly the cutest (and hungriest) parade witnessed by Parks Conservancy staff, 10 goats and one guard donkey have taken up part-time residence in Frick Park.

These four-legged agents of Allegheny Goatscape got right to tackling the task at hoof: eating up invasive plants in the park. With the goats' help, Parks Conservancy staff and volunteers will be able to plant native trees in an area previously overrun with invasive bush honeysuckle and mile-a-minute.

Along with freeing staff and volunteers to work elsewhere in the parks, this initiative is ecologically friendly -- and incredibly adorably. Check out some of the glorious goat moments below!

 Here comes the herd! 10 goats and a donkey are unloaded at the Frick Environmental Center.

Parks Conservancy staff welcomes our goat guests with gifts of invasive Japanese knotweed.

Goats enjoying a snack of invasive Japanese knotweed.

Goat glamour shot.

The herd makes its way to its temporary home in the park.

The goat herd gets right to work noshing on invasive mile-a-minute.

The goats explore their new home.

The goats meet students in our school programs.

Parks Conservancy staff and the goats are instant friends.

Hobo the donkey acts as guard for the herd.

The goats meet students in our school programs.

 Photos by John Altdorfer.

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