Celebrating 20: A Look At Two Decades Of Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Projects In Your Parks

December 14, 2016 by Lauryn Stalter

Who would have thought that a chat around a kitchen table could dramatically change Pittsburgh for the better?

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is celebrating 20 years of working in your parks

When a few friends sat down in 1996 to talk about the sad state of their beloved parks, they couldn't have known then what their actions would inspire: a nonprofit called the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

Since then, we have been beyond honored to work in your world-class parks. In close partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, as well as countless volunteers, donors, and partners, your parks have changed tremendously. Below, see the amazing before-and-after photos of Parks Conservancy projects completed over the years.

The change that has happened in your parks would not have been possible without your support. With so much more to be done, we look forward to many more years working with you to make your parks even better.

With thanks and celebration,
Your friends at the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Photos: Your Parks, Before And After

Below, flip through the dramatic before-and-after shots of our major park projects completed over the last twenty years!

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