What's Your Park Story?

July 5, 2017 by Lauryn Stalter

Every year, we hear stories from park pals like you that cover all of the emotions. Stories of people gathering together to celebrate major religious holidays, getting soaked while volunteeringbuilding community at a neighborhood pool, and many, many more.

Everyone has a unique reason why they're drawn to their favorite parks. Recently, we got to hear one story from a long-time donor that we're honored to share that made us wonder: What's your park story? Read on for Ray's story, and share your own through the link below:



Ray's Story

While my mother was fighting illness, she would take as many neighborhood kids as she could to Anderson Playground in Schenley Park. 

I would ask her, "Why, Mom? You need to rest!" to which she'd say, "Ray, these kids need to be kids, and no one else will do it." My mom believed that this was how you solved racism - by playing together. She was a woman before her time, and a real inspiration.

Giving to the parks in her name meant so much to me. Planting trees meant that her death gave life. Planting trees also makes ground more stable, to protect it from the storms of mother nature as she gave me stability for the storms of life. I also dedicated a bench in her name so that if you are tired, you can have a comfortable place to rest and watch children play - as she did when she was with us.

What's your park story? Whether it's something big like planting trees for someone special who you've lost or something small like your favorite trail to clear your head, we'd love to hear from you. Tell us your park story here: