Your Parks, Your Stories: Allegheny Commons Neighbors

August 8, 2018 by Pittsburgh Parks

Nestled in the heart of the Northside is Pittsburgh's oldest park.

An urban oasis, Allegheny Commons Park serves over 41,000 of our neighbors. But it's not only a favorite spot for Northsiders; the Commons is visited by people from across the region thanks to must-see destinations like the National Aviary and the Children's Museum.

This year, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy embarks on one of the first major neighborhood park projects in Allegheny Commons. Click here to learn more.

In talking with residents about this historic park, we knew we just had to share what we heard. Click through the slideshow below for just a few of the many stories from your Pittsburgh neighbors, and please feel free to share your Allegheny Commons stories in the comments section below!

Allegheny Commons Park

  • Image of Quincy

    "Growing up, my mom always took me to Allegheny Commons to play and watch the ducks in the lake. Now, I love to take my sons to the park for them to enjoy and play. It’s a special feeling to know that my sons have this wonderful park and so many memories, just like I do. Allegheny Commons is more than a park - it’s my family’s backyard."

  • Image of Ron

    "After 63 years living in Ross Township, my wife and I moved to The Allegheny Senior Apartments in Allegheny Center seven years ago.  I am a professional photographer by trade so I began to photograph around the park. I photograph around Lake Elizabeth and look for flowers as I go. I have photographed every statue I could find. With Allegheny Commons Park as my backyard it was just like being home again."

  • Image of Erin
    "My favorite part of Allegheny Commons depends on the season. I love how the whole park comes to life in the spring. In the summer I love taking my dog Kessel to the bustling farmer’s markets and walking around Lake Elizabeth. And the bright yellow gingko leaves in the fall are a remarkable sight to see. Allegheny Commons has been my park and my passion long before I ever started working for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. I’m proud of the work we do at the Parks Conservancy, and I’m proud to be a Northsider. It’s a special feeling to combine the two."
  • Image of Randy
    "Allegheny Commons is a sanctuary for all of God’s gifts, animals and mankind. A green place for seeing earth sharing her peaceful, good, kind gifts for everyone to enjoy."
  • Image of Turbo
    "Allegheny Commons Park is the heartbeat of the Northside. It is where community happens on a daily basis. For our family, that connection is experienced every single day as we walk our dog to the off-leash area. We not only enjoy the incredible beauty of the park in all four seasons, but we have built deep friendships because of the time spent in the park."
  • Image of Gia
    "The thought of a life surrounded by nature provokes an unexplainable joy!"