Your Parks, Your Stories: Northsider Lynn

January 4, 2019 by Parks Conservancy Staff

Lynn Glorieux has been a Northside resident since 1992. You may recognize her if you’ve visited Allegheny Commons Park -- she’s the one with a broom and dust pan.

After moving into the neighborhood, Lynn immediately began picking up litter around her home and the adjacent alley. After several months of hard work, the alley was clean.

Next, she set her sights on the park. Since then, Lynn has been tirelessly keeping the park clean for decades since then. “I clean every day in the evening for an hour or two. It’s easy, it doesn’t cost anything, you can just do it. Plus its close, just right here.”

Image of Lynn with Parks Conservancy staff Erin Tobin. Photo: Noah Brode, 90.5WESA

When asked why she’s so dedicated to keeping the park beautiful her answer is simple. “My mother always said (she was our girl scout leader) we should leave the campsite better than we found it.”

Lynn's park is important to her. “I love the big, stately old trees. I enjoy living in the Northside because I can walk everywhere. I love walking along the grand allée, under the big tree canopy. Each one seems to have its own character.” She notices her work is making a difference.

“Park visitors have a better attitude and experience if there’s no trash. People will smile and thank me. That’s not why I do it, but it’s nice to hear.”

- Harmony Hodges, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Individual Giving Coordinator

Volunteering, Allegheny Commons Park