Neighborhood Nature 

Join Parks Conservancy Naturalists as they explore nature in their neighborhoods!

Follow along on Mike (Carya) Cornell's adventure. You can also enjoy this scavenger hunt from the comfort of your neighborhood! 


Explore the woods of Pittsburgh's parks with Stephen Bucklin. What will he find during his exploration of mushrooms and lichens? 


Q&A with Stephen Bucklin, Naturalist Educator, Part 1


Q&A with Mike (Carya) Cornell, Naturalist Educator, Part 2

Discover what's living in your neighborhood!

Use the following resources to learn more about your surroundings.


iNaturalist is citizen science project that is compiling a database of individual’s observations of the living world. iNaturalist uses a combination of AI and human brains to help identify and catalogue life on earth.  

Check out the following guides for contributing high quality images to iNaturalist!

Birds | Fungi | Insects | Lichens | Mammals | Mollusks | Plants | Trees and Shrubs

Merlin Bird ID from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology 

Fill out a simple checklist about the bird your seeing, and Merlin will generate a list of possible birds, show you their pictures, and let you play their calls. A great way to start birding, it’s the next best thing to going out on a bird walk with a naturalist. 

Become a Citizen Scientist

Join in on the research action! You become the researcher and contribute to our global understanding of the world 

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