Environmental Education at Your Fingertips!

If you were a teacher partner in the 2019-2020 school year, participating in one of our multi-visit programs, you can find supplemental program material below...

Habitat Explorers  |  Park Stewards | Ecosystem Investigators | High School Urban EcoStewards

Resources for all K-12 Educators

Habitat Exploration - Early Elementary

For students who have not attended a Habitat Explorers field trip, learn about the ins and outs of habitats with home-based activities by clicking here!

Park Stewards at Home - Intermediate 

Bring the Park Stewards nature journaling experience into your own home by clicking here. 

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Ecosystem Investigators 
Streams are home to a wide array of living things all functioning as part of an intricate system. Regardless of what stream you look in – from a pristine mountain stream to a little creek in a city, you can find similar organisms living there.
Click here to learn more.

High School Urban Ecostewards

This program gives students in 9th through 12th grade the opportunity to work together on collaborative, hands- on volunteer projects to improve the ecological health of their community.

Students experience the outdoors throughout the seasons to learn about urban ecology and the benefits provided by parks and other green infrastructure in cities.

Click here to learn more. 

Neighborhood Nature Exploration

Join Naturalist Educator Mike (Carya) Cornell and learn how to explore your neighborhood habitat!

Want to learn even more about what's living under rocks and logs? Click here.