Explore the Gardens

Interested in learning about the rich history of Pittsburgh's gardens, or just want to know what's growing in the Highland Park entrance this time of year? Follow the button below for the biographies and plant and flower lists of your favorite gardens! 

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Volunteer with Us 

Interested in getting outdoors and working with our Horticulture and Forestry staff members? We host regular group volunteering events! We'll provide the tools, tricks, and terms for weeding, planting, and other horticulture projects.

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How We Work

How exactly do our horticulture and forestry staff members work to maintain the health and longevity of our parks and gardens? Follow the link below to learn about their day-to-day practices.


Explore Environmental Restoration

The Horticulture and Forestry team works regularly to protect our parks from damage. This work includes implementing green infrastructure, conducting environmental restoration projects and working to control the spread of destructive and invasive plants and species.

Learn more about the many menaces to our trees and parks and what the H&F staff does to combat them!