Opened in 1955, Mellon Square is Downtown Pittsburgh’s emerald oasis.

The first modern garden plaza to be built atop a parking garage, Mellon Square’s design makes it a forerunner of today’s rooftop gardens.

Covering 1.37 acres, Mellon Square's significant landscape and Modernist design has brought liveliness and beauty to downtown Pittsburgh for almost 60 years. The park remained a vital spot for downtown’s workforce and an increasing number of residents, but began to show signs of deterioration around the turn of the 20th century.

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, with funding from the Richard King Mellon Foundation, The Colcom Foundation, The Eden Hall Foundation, BNY Mellon and a mix of corporate and private sponsors coordinated efforts to restore Mellon Square Park. Now that magnificent space has been brought back to life through a $10 million makeover -- and new features have been added, including an elevated terrace.

The refreshed Mellon Square Park, reopened publicly on May 29th, 2014, offers a tranquil oasis in the heart of the Pittsburgh’s downtown corridor -- a place to enjoy the sparkling fountains and rhythmic splashing of water.

  • mellon-square-gallery-08.jpg

    Cascading Fountain during the day (photo: Jeremy Marshall)

  • mellon-square-gallery-07.jpg

    Cascading Fountain at Night (photo: Jeremy Marshall)

  • mellon-square-gallery-01.jpg

    Mellon Square at Night (photo: Jeremy Marshall)

  • mellon-square-gallery-02.jpg

    Mellon Square during the day (photo: Jeremy Marshall)

  • mellon-square-gallery-03.jpg

    Man Reading in Mellon Square (photo: Jeremy Marshall)

  • mellon-square-gallery-04.jpg

    Mellon Square fountain at Night (photo: Jeremy Marshall)

  • mellon-square-gallery-05.jpg

    Mellon Square at Night (photo: Jeremy Marshall)

  • mellon-square-gallery-06.jpg

    Aerial shot of Mellon Square (photo: Jeremy Marshall)

  • mellon-square-gallery-09.jpg

    Cascading Fountain & Stairs at Night (photo: Jeremy Marshall)

  • mellon-square-gallery-10.jpg

    Summer Concert (photo: Lauryn Stalter)

  • mellon-square-gallery-11.jpg

    Fountains at Night (photo: John Altdorfer)

  • mellon-square-gallery-12.jpg

    Mayor Peduto welcoming crowd (photo: Lauryn Stalter)

  • mellon-square-gallery-13.jpg

    Street Performer (photo: John Altdorfer)

  • mellon-square-gallery-14.jpg

    Close up of Fountains at Night (photo: John Altdorfer)

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