North Promenade

The project will restore the 1935 path pattern, removing unnecessary paths and excess pavement. New pedestrian crossings at Federal and Arch Streets will include planted medians to provide safe harbor and signal drivers that they are entering the park zone. The George Washington Monument will be given a new setting in a well-scaled oval plaza. Finishing touches will include historically appropriate benches and energy efficient lighting. The planting scheme will feature a central allee of canopy trees along the Promenade, with a variety of understory trees planted informally in the flanking lawn. The first phase of the project will begin near the Northeast Fountain and will extend to Federal Street. The second phase will begin at Federal Street and will extend to the Washington Monument.

Project Highlights

TREES: 108 trees representing 17 species to be planted.
TURF: Excess pavement to be removed; turf to be rehabilitated and drainage improved
PROMENADE: Consistent width of 15’, paved in historically appropriate asphalt, totaling 1,445 linear feet (approx. 1/4 mile)
CONNECTING PATHS: Eight feet wide, asphalt, totaling 1,700 linear feet (approx. 1/3 mile)
CROSSWALKS: New mid-block crossings for a continuous Promenade and to strengthen the park’s visual presence
SIDEWALKS: New walk along McCabe Field boundary
PIPERAILING: Historic detail denotes park boundaries and restricts vehicular access
BOLLARDS: Locking, collapsible bollards to restrict vehicular access
LIGHTING: 29 LED pedestrian lights along Promenade, some with outlets
SEATING: 30 standard historic benches
MONUMENTS: George Washington Monument to receive new plaza, plantings, and lighting; Hartzell Monument to be relocated near its original site along Federal Street at the Promenade
DESIGN TEAM: LaQuatra Bonci Landscape Architects

Click the link below to view a project map further detailing construction.

North Promenade Site Plan Map

Major Financial Assistance Provided By:

the buhl foundation

commonwealth of Pennsylvania: tom wolf, Governor, department of community and economic development, commonwealth financing authority

duquesne light

urban redevelopment authority