Take your parks with you wherever you go!

Parks mean so much to so many. Select a photo below that is most representative of what parks mean to you. 

Or, you can simply download your favorite park beauty shots! 

Beautify your Zoom background!

Here's how you can make your favorite park photo your background during your next Zoom call! 

Before Joining Meeting

  1. Open Zoom desktop client
  2. Click on the gear near the top right corner of the window to open settings
  3. Select “Virtual Background” from the menu on the left
  4. Click the + where it says “Choose Virtual Background” and select add image
  5. Browse to the image that you would like to set as your background.
  6. Make your coworkers jealous because you get to be in the park!

From Within The Meeting 

  1. Click the up arrow next to the video icon in the bottom left
  2. Select the virtual background option
  3. Follow steps 4 and 6 as listed above