Communities across Pittsburgh deserve high quality parks that are designed in partnership with neighbors and park-goers.

Funds will be directed to transforming our parks one-by-one according to the input of local residents. Funds will be distributed to all parks in order of their community and park need, as determined by research and analysis by the City and Parks Conservancy. Sites in communities with the greatest need that have not seen significant investment in many years will receive the greatest priority. Seeking to achieve transformational change, capital projects will address the entire park in a coordinated fashion.


How do we determine how much funding each park will receive for Capital Projects?

Funding for each park is based on:
The amount that would be needed to bring all parts of the park up to high level of quality
The amount that parks of a similar size and in a similar condition are slated to receive
Any master plans associated with each park and the cost of implementing their next phase
The cost of managing and implementing a multi-year community planning and construction project