Plant a Tree

Plant a tree in the parks and establish a legacy for generations to come.

“He that plants trees loves others beside himself.” – Thomas Fuller

Why plant a tree in Pittsburgh's parks?

  • In tribute to someone you respect, love, or admire
  • To celebrate a birth, birthday, or marriage
  • In recognition of a promotion, life change, or achievement
  • As a gesture of community service
  • In memory of someone who has passed away


Donate $75 to have a restoration tree planted by a parks volunteer. Your gift helps restore our urban forest. The park where your tree will be planted will be selected by a Parks Conservancy ecologist based on need.



Donate $300 to have a canopy tree planted in Emerald View, Frick, Highland, or Riverview Park. These trees are larger than restoration trees and provide wilderness habitat and benefits such as carbon capture, storm water management and shade.



Donate $550 to have a large tree (trunk diameter 2") planted by Parks Conservancy staff in Frick, Highland, Riverview, or Emerald View Park. These large trees with a trunk diameter of about 2" are planted by park staff.

This donation level includes a personalized list of tree types available for planting; an email with photos and detailed tree location directions; developmental care (pruning, mulching, bark guards, etc.) by Parks Conservancy horticulturalists for the first two years after planting; and guarantee that your tree will be replaced if it dies within five years of planting.



Donate $800 for all of the benefits and guarantees of the Commemorative Tree Planting, along with a tree planting ceremony that can be attended by your loved ones.

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy staff will be in attendance to help with planting. Photographs of your planting ceremony will be sent to you afterwards.

Best planting practices dictate that planting ceremonies take place in late fall and early spring. Dates are subject to tree availability.


For questions about tree plantings, please contact julie segner at


All tree plantings are subject to Commemorative Tree Policies and Procedures.