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Riverview Park

Riverview Park is a jewel of Pittsburgh’s North Side. 

Created in 1894, the park predates the City of Allegheny’s annexation to the City of Pittsburgh in 1907. Formed largely from farmland, today’s Riverview Park is known for its dense woodlands and steep topography.

Nestled between Perrysville Avenue, Woods Run and Marshall Avenue, the 259-acre park is known for its wooded trails and dramatically steep hillsides. The park’s extensive network of trails invites hikers, joggers, and the occasional horseback rider into the woods. The park is also home to the landmark Allegheny Observatory, a space-themed playground, a visitor’s center, a swimming pool and activities building, the natural beauty of the Mairdale watershed, and the popular two-mile Riverview Loop. Residents enjoy the park's pool, playground, ball field, shelters and summertime concerts and movies.

The Chapel Shelter, a historic picnic shelter that was once a Presbyterian church, was restored by the Parks Conservancy in 2008. Restoration of the building and the surrounding landscape included creation of a new trail, plantings of numerous native trees and shrubs, and clearing invasive species. Future plans for the park include restoring the historic Watson’s Cabin and continuing restoration of the Snyder’s Point natural area.

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