About Parks Rx

Image of Pittsburgh Parks Rx logoToo often we underestimate the impact that nature and play have on children’s health. In fact, studies show that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to simply step outside. Parks and green spaces improve health and well being, strengthen communities, and make neighborhoods better places to live, work, and play. Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, and others have teamed up to create Pittsburgh Parks Prescription, or Parks Rx, inviting children (and adults) in every neighborhood to explore and enjoy their local parks.

Read the press release on this exciting initiative here.

Parks Rx Activities

Look at all of the fun things to do!

There are all sorts of things happening in the parks year-round. Play in the parks, no matter the season with these fun outdoor activities:

parks-rx-winter.jpgExplore the parks in winter

Click here for the activity sheet.

parks-rx-winter.jpgExplore the parks in spring

Click here for the activity sheet.

parks-rx-winter.jpgFind fall flowers, leaves and berries

Click here for the activity sheet.

parks-rx-winter.jpgIdentify animal tracks

Click here for the activity sheet.

parks-rx-winter.jpgFive ways to play outside with younger and older kids

Click here for the activity sheet.

parks-rx-winter.jpgFive tips for preparing your kids for the outdoors

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Rx Parks: explore your local parks and playgrounds

What can you do in a park near you? Act like an animal, create a scavenger hunt, build a stick fort, and so much more!

Every park is yours for the playing. Download the free activity guides below and discover all that you can do in your local parks and playgrounds.

Arsenal Park | Click here for the Arsenal Park activity sheet.

Blue Slide Playground (Frick Park) | Click here for the Blue Slide activity sheet.

Bloomfield Park | Click here for the Bloomfield Park activity sheet.

Forbes and Braddock Playground (Frick Park) | Click here for the Forbes and Braddock activity sheet.

Fort Pitt Park | Click here for the Fort Pitt Park activity sheet.

Garfield | Click here for the Garfield activity sheet.

Leslie Park | Click here for the Leslie Park activity sheet.