Situated in the heart of Oakland, Schenley Park has come to be Pittsburgh’s civic park.

Created in 1889 with land donated by heiress Mary Schenley, the park now contains 456 acres of trails, woods, and attractions. A daily destination for university students, business-people, and outdoor enthusiasts, the park also hosts major annual events such as the Vintage Grand Prix and the Pittsburgh Race for the Cure.

Visitors to Schenley Park can spend a morning at the remarkable Phipps Conservatory, enjoy lunch and a concert at the Schenley Park Café and Visitor Center, relax on Flagstaff Hill, play a round at the Bob O’Connor Golf Course, head to the Schenley Oval Sportsplex for ice skating or summer sports, or take a dip in the swimming pool. And of course, the trails offer a refreshing and convenient escape from the city.

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy restored the Schenley Park Café and Visitor Center in 2001 and operates the space today with event and culinary partners, Eat'n Park Hospitality Group. In 2005, the Parks Conservancy worked with City of Pittsburgh crews to rehabilitate the Phipps Run stream channel that stretches from behind the Visitor Center down to Panther Hollow Lake. Restoration of the Panther Hollow Watershed is continuous, with the ultimate goal of restoring Panther Hollow Lake to a water quality that will once again allow for recreational use.

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    Schenley Park Bike Trail (photo: Joe Serkoch)

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    Sampling the daffodils (photo: Melissa McMasters)

  • schenley-park-gallery-03.jpg

    Recreational Volleyball (photo: Melissa McMasters)

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    Schizophyllum commune mushroom (photo: Josh Doty)

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    Bartlett Playground (photo: Melissa McMasters)

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