Pittsburgh has over 2,000 acres of parkland within just four regional parks — half of which is dense woodland

The ecological health of our woodlands is currently threatened with extensive tree loss due to non-native insects, diseases, invasive plants, and deer. More than 60% of the native tree population in our parks is threatened. While not all of these trees can be saved, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is taking the lead to develop a Park Tree Action Plan to minimize loss and speed recovery.

Park Tree Action Plan

The Parks Conservancy, the City of Pittsburgh, and other collaborators convened tree specialists from across the country to assess the potential damage our trees face from emerald ash borer, oak wilt, and other challenges. These specialists confirmed that parks face significant loss in the coming years. On that day, we began outlining an action plan.

The plan has both short- and long-term objectives, emphasizing best integrated management practices and setting management priorities based on field conditions and resources. The plan also includes specific actions for each threat to forest health; methods to gain practical, measurable results; and the goal of being acceptable for public and administrative use.
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